Monday, February 14, 2011

bohemian rhapsody on a ukelele.

I didn't really have an interesting topic to talk about at the moment as I'm quite busy being in the process of moving. So, thought I'd just put up a video a friend showed me that i thought was pretty cool. It's Jake Shimabukuro playing "Bohemian Rhapsody".

anyway, here it is.


Just a short post to greet everyone. It's already the 14th here in Australia and while i know in some time zones it's still the 13th, I thought I should just greet everyone nevertheless.

Anyway, have a nice day guys!

p.s. i dont really give a crap about the holiday itself. made a little blog about it here

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Some tips on asking someone out/dating

Since V-day is closing in, I figured I'd try and throw out some tips for the guys hoping to get a girl the last minute (good luck).

to start things off :

NO! do not use a pick-up line.

 pick-up lines SUCK. being yourself works way better (...unless YOU suck). 

Make her laugh. 
Now, when i say this, I don't mean be all attention whore-ish. A few 'normal guy' jokes go a long way and maybe even the occasional corny joke.

this is a normal guy joke.
yea yea i know.. "it's a comic.. how the hell is that normal".

this, is a corny joke.
HA! get it? cuz there's... alot of... nvm....

Be respectful.
Yea it's not hard to do. Don't force her to do stuff that she doesn't want to, but of course there's limit, don't let her walk all over you at the same time. Don't be an ass but at the same time, don't totally nice as well. There's a balance you see. Be mean in a fun way (if that makes sense).

Be spontaneous.
basically, it means doing unexpected things.
some stuff to help you with this :
do something you normally wouldn't.
I was thinking along the lines of complimenting strangers -.-

stop planning for everything!
as with all things though, keep it in moderation. if you have an appointment or something, go to it.

Anyway, I should probably leave that as it is for now cuz I'm pretty sleepy. If anyone has some more tips and what not, feel free to leave it in the comments. catch you guys later!

if all else fails, get her drunk.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Stay fit but want to keep your drinking habit?

Well, i hate to break it to you but it just won't happen. ha! I'm sorry for crushing your hopes :)

but its not the end of the world guys! here's a quick quote from a ninemsn article i saw.

"Red wine is only 0.5g of carbohydrates and 350 kilojoules, white wine is 4g of carbs and 415 kilojoules and a schooner of beer is 9g of carbs and a whopping 520 kilojoules."

yea i know. red wine is kinda.. well.. girly/classy? i dunno how i should describe it but like, imagine you were at the superbowl right now and you saw some guy sitting ( possibly "cross-legged") holding a wine glass with red wine in it, kinda out of place don't ya think? I'm not a wine-cist (heh racist) or anything but i gotta say, beer suits the place much better :P

ahh beer, if only you didn't make us fat...

with the quote i put up earlier, beer being 9g carbs and 520 kj, it apparently takes about 45 mins of cardio to burn 5 beers. doesn't sound like much dont ya think? ok, now count all the beers you've drank. yea..

anyway, if you really wanna stay fit, just drink less (I guess you could just exercise more and keep your drinking habit but i really don't recommend it). Oh, and choose what you drink! if you really have to choose between beer and the gay drinks filled with sugar, just be a man and stick with beer!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine's day is fast approaching!

So, has everyone planned out what to do on v-day with their special someone?
For the singles out there, remember, you have others you love too! may it be friends, family, pets, errr computer? i dunno, whatever really.. anyway, think about having a pizza night with movies or something, it should be some good fun don't ya think?
Is there this girl you like and don't have the balls to talk to her? maybe give her some chocolates or something, even if she doesn't eat chocolate she'll still appreciate it.
remember! it doesn't always have to be expensive to make people happy!


i was reading a forum i usually visit and some guy wrote this :

valentines : a big scam invented by men to exploit women's insecurities and inability to cope with loneliness in exchange for their poonanis.

haha yea.. i cant remember his username off the top of my head but that's what he said

what are your opinions on that? personally, i think its true.. to an extent. sometimes i wonder, what is it about this day that makes it so special compared to non-holiday (errr) days? like say, if you don't give your gf flowers on normal days no biggie, but if you forget to do that on valentine's day she goes crazy. while not all women are like that, you gotta admit that most are.

Anyway, my point is, why v-day commercialized to be so special? I'm not being cynical, but rather sort of the opposite. why isn't EVERYDAY commercialized to be special?

pardon the spelling/grammar errors if any

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

3 minute brownies!

so i was looking through old photos and i found instructions for instant brownies (hey they call it instant noodles so why not brownies.)

if you're craving for some brownies, try this out!
you may want to use 4 sugar and 2 cocoa instead of 6 and 6. but hey, thats up to you. experimenting is half the fun :P

Monday, February 7, 2011

Scene chicks: yes or no?

to start off, NO! scene and emo are not the same! I should probably explain what the difference is but Google should be able to help you out with that more than I can.

alright, lets see... hmmm.. pictures!

admit it, you're starting to like them now. unless probably you're a girl or just into women. These pictures were just taken from the web because sadly, i don't know any scene chicks personally *cries*...

oh btw, here's a 'just a dream'-nelly cover where the chick is damn hot. (yes, somewhat relevant to the topic.)

definately a yes from me! how about you?

Scene chicks: yes or no? (no idea how to put a poll, if its even possible.)