Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine's day is fast approaching!

So, has everyone planned out what to do on v-day with their special someone?
For the singles out there, remember, you have others you love too! may it be friends, family, pets, errr computer? i dunno, whatever really.. anyway, think about having a pizza night with movies or something, it should be some good fun don't ya think?
Is there this girl you like and don't have the balls to talk to her? maybe give her some chocolates or something, even if she doesn't eat chocolate she'll still appreciate it.
remember! it doesn't always have to be expensive to make people happy!


i was reading a forum i usually visit and some guy wrote this :

valentines : a big scam invented by men to exploit women's insecurities and inability to cope with loneliness in exchange for their poonanis.

haha yea.. i cant remember his username off the top of my head but that's what he said

what are your opinions on that? personally, i think its true.. to an extent. sometimes i wonder, what is it about this day that makes it so special compared to non-holiday (errr) days? like say, if you don't give your gf flowers on normal days no biggie, but if you forget to do that on valentine's day she goes crazy. while not all women are like that, you gotta admit that most are.

Anyway, my point is, why v-day commercialized to be so special? I'm not being cynical, but rather sort of the opposite. why isn't EVERYDAY commercialized to be special?

pardon the spelling/grammar errors if any


  1. Yeah I don't really see the big hassle of Valentines Day, if you have someone special to share it with then thats great, if not it's not the end of the world.

  2. I have the balls to talk to her!
    and now i go to her :)

  3. I think is completely commercialized. You are pretty much forced to buy gifts for other people. It always reminds of the Simpsons episode when they invent Love Day and Marge buys loads of stuff to do with it.

  4. Valentine's day... hmm, don't remind me :(

  5. agree^^^^ i come out broke everytime..
    is it considered prostitution if you are essentially spending money on a girl in exchange for awesome sex?

  6. i will go to the restaurant and bring small

  7. @bbmike bahaha it essentially is eh? but hey, its legal so take advantage i guess lmao

  8. yay chocolate, boo having to figure out something for the SO.

  9. This is my first Valentine's Day as a single man in years and I'm thrilled. I will sit back and laugh at all the men scrambling to buy a bunch of crap and make dinner reservations while I drink cheap whiskey and watch Cannibal Holocaust with my bros. Ha!

  10. that's nothing some rum won't cure :)