Sunday, February 6, 2011

crappy weather in australia

I live near Melbourne at the moment and though the storm is worse (waaay waaay worse) in Queensland, it seems that the weather is affecting Melb as well. though I admit I don't actually watch the news but hey, raining non stop for a few days is just weird.

i took some photos while i was driving down Monash freeway

ok, so we've established the fact that i have no idea how to align photos properly.. anyway, moving on.

I know I know.. don't use a cellphone while driving! but i was going like 20kph and there was basically no one on my side of the road :P

the two cars i took a photo of appear to be stranded, or at least one of them is (fell in the canal). The other car is probably just taking pictures xD.. seeing one car get stuck seemed to have caused the traffic, looks like no one else dared to cross the flooded road.

meanwhile, in Queensland..
yea, it's huge. in comparison to the old hurricane katrina, this one's a little bit smaller but apparently, the winds it will cause will be greater.

what makes it worse is Queensland was already flooded before this storm even hit!
let's hope things turn out OK for those that are hit the hardest. losing loved ones is never a good feeling.

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